32 Reasons To Become Good At Exercise.

Future You
  1. Because you know you’ll feel better.

  2. Because exercise improves cognitive function.

  3. Because fresh air.

  4. Because you’ll get better at setting and reaching goals.

  5. Because it’s free.

  6. Because you have the best ideas when you sweat. Fact.

  7. Because you’ll never be bored again.

  8. Because you owe it to your loved ones and most importantly to yourself.

  9. Because you have a marathon to run in six months. You don’t? Well, why not?

  10. Because workout glow.

  11. Because a zombie apocalypse may happen and you need to be prepared.

  12. Because you are frustrated, stressed, have spouts of anxiety or all of the above and you know it will significantly reduce these feelings.

  13. Because adventure.

  14. Because your sneakers have been feeling deserted lately. Do it for the sneakers.

  15. Because it’s your you-time.

  16. Because you’ll perform better at work.

  17. Because your sex life will thank you.

  18. Because you’ll have a better night’s sleep.

  19. Because it prevents diabetes.

  20. Because you will lower your risk of cancer. (A real-life life-hack).

  21. Because you can do it alone or with a team.

  22. Because sometimes it’s a game and we should all play more.

  23. Because your future-self will thank you.

  24. Because you need an excuse to check out that new gym, park, trail, pool.

  25. Because you are way stronger than you think you are.

  26. Because there’s a lion behind you, run!

  27. Because endorphins.

  28. Because dedication.

  29. Because you do what you are. (healthy, vibrant, determined, strong, athletic)

  30. Because you made a promise to yourself and self integrity is the root of all integrity.

  31. Because what a beautiful thing it is that the human body takes care of us
    if we take care of it.

  32. Because you’re thinking too hard. It’s time to get out there and sweat.

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