6 Simple Steps To Know For Effective Meditation.


We are unable to restructure and change our thoughts and habits if we haven’t first developed the ability to identify the source of our thoughts and habits. Simply to even let these go, we must first know what they are.

Right below our conscious mind, our thoughts and feelings that can often guide the majority of our decision making.

Among so many other benefits, meditation is a proven method in accessing the root of our behaviours and thoughts, as well as learning to let these pass without influence to our every day.

Sometimes just being aware of certain thoughts and deciding they aren’t legitimate is enough to deal with them.

Meditation creates a space in which we can redirect and ultimately silence our internal dialogue, allowing us to truly understand who we are, and understand who we need to be.

Over time, we can see the practices of meditation play out in our daily lives. Breath is to meditation as the current task is to your workday as individual sentences and thoughts are to your conversations.

We’d be good to think of the mind as a series of muscles. Strength in our focus, intention, presence, and calm can only be improved through exercising those specific muscles.

There are many different forms of meditation, from guided to a mantra, some people even find exercise brings them into a meditative state. It is good to try a few out to see which ones suit you best. If you want something you can begin with right now, try this beginner breathing meditation technique:

  1. Set a timer anywhere from two to ten minutes.
  2. Get into a comfortable position.
  3. Observe the sensations of your breathing.
  4. Follow your breath in through your nose, into your lungs, and out through your mouth.
  5. No need to force your breathing, just observe.
  6. Your mind will wander, that’s normal when it does simply bring your attention back to your breath.

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