Are You Going To Sort Your Sh*t Out?

Future You

Are you going to reach your potential?

Are you going to come good?

Are you going to go to the next level?

Let me tell you a story when I decided to get my sh*t together. I had already left school without doing my A-levels to start a sports brand and failed. And had to go back and do my A-levels. Then I went to college. Had a lot of fun. And then found out I had been kicked out after the first year.

I had to call my mum from a telephone box in Bristol, they were red things with phones in them, groovy huh, and tell her that I was coming home. It was a short phone call. But at that moment, I decided I had to get my act together.


The technical term for this moment is this: Sort Our Sh*t Out.

We are more likely to want to change if we really have to if we have no choice. If the pain of staying as you are is greater than making a change happen.
A turning point in our lives is helpful because it forces us to make that change. Humans don’t like change. Nor do businesses. They will do anything to avoid it. Having these moments in our lives is important, even if at the time they felt the worst of times. It turns out the worst of times help us find the best of times.

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