Money. Ignoring It Is Not A Strategy.


As creative people, we tend to have a weird relationship with money. It is the thing we worry about most, but talk about the least. We often undervalue ourselves. We have issues when we negotiate, so we employ people to do that on our behalf.

We have many insecurities about money often learned from our parents. We think we need to work incredibly hard to make money, but a life-changing idea can happen in a single second. But one thing is for sure, to do the best work we have ever done, we need to devote all our thinking towards that. And not worry about how we pay the gas bill.

So, getting financially fit is just like getting physically fit, it requires a daily regime that you do in good times and bad times.

Where are you now?

Part of the stress of money is not actually facing up to where you are now. Damn. Ain’t that the truth. Not opening bills. Putting off the truth. Not knowing all your outgoings versus your incomings. Working out all your assets, and your debts.

With a car you can look at the dashboard, and with a small number of instruments, you know exactly where you are quickly. This is what you need to know in financial terms.

The dashboard.

  1. Income.
  2. Outgoings.
  3. Assets.
  4. Debts.
  5. Savings.

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