What Happens When You Change The Meaning We Give To Something.


Where our thoughts go to, our energy flows to. If we think of our thoughts as a spotlight, then they shine a light on what we focus on. And we get back more of what we pay attention to. If you focus on not having money, that will get your energy. Focus can be a negative thing or a positive thing. It is really up to us. We direct the spotlight. The spotlight is our thoughts. If we want to improve an area of our life, we can either focus on how bad we currently are, or, with practice, how good we can be.

Change the meaning you give to something.

The meaning we give to something is either helpful or not. We decide what meaning to attach to any event, to any action, to something someone said. “It means they don’t love us.” “It means they care deeply.” It is us who decides the meaning. And the meaning we decide upon will decide the emotion we give to it. And the emotion we carry through life will decide our life. To change our days, we have to change the meaning we attach to the things that are not helpful. This is called reframing.

The meaning you attach to something produces the emotion of your life and your emotion is your life.
Tony Robbins

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