Brian Robertson | Imagine A Company Without A Boss


Brian Robertson
Imagine A Company Without A Boss

Co-Founder of HolacracyOne

DO Wales 2012
Running time: 21m 14s

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Brian tells us about HolacracyOne, a ground-breaking organisation with no boss, no management and no staff.

Brian Robertson is an experienced entrepreneur, CEO, and organisational pioneer best known for his work developing Holacracy, an organisational operating system that concretely embodies the agile, transparent capacities called for in today’s turbulent times.

First incubated at an award-winning fast-growth software company Brian launched at age 23 and led for seven years, Holacracy continues to develop and spread under the stewardship of HolacracyOne, which Brian co-founded to help other change agents bring this purpose-driven evolutionary operating system to organizations across the globe.


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