Corinne Proske | The Power Of Small


Corinne Proske
The Power Of Small

Head of Community Finance and Development at National Australia Bank

DO Australia 2014
Running time: 16m 49s

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Corinne had a dream. A dream to provide economic empowerment to those locked out of the financial system. And she wanted to do this from within a large corporation. This is a story of how passion, persuasion and persistence have packed powerful outcomes for many.

Corinne is passionate about leaving the world in better shape than when she entered – a passion she has carried since childhood.

Ever wondered how fairness and equity relate to money? Corinne’s the one to give us the lowdown. At NAB she is responsible for the $130 million financial inclusion program which helps low-income Australians access financial services. Her latest fascination is exploring opportunities for impact investment; an emerging field which is asking for investments to be measured on more than just financial return.

We are not sure how Corinne has managed to do all this, but not only is she a CPA with postgraduate studies in environmental management, she was awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 2009, has undertaken an Earthwatch Fellowship to count manta rays, and in 2013 was recognised by MoneySmart for her contribution to financial literacy.

A life-long lover of learning who is inspired by new thinking and perspectives, Corinne enjoys the small things in life and can often be found camping by the seaside with her son.