Graeme Wise | Create A Company That Resonates With People’s Souls


Graeme Wise
Create A Company That Resonates With People’s Souls

Philanthropist and Chairman

DO Australia 2015
Running time: 21m 14s

Filed in: Business


Graeme Wise talks about the importance of creating a company that purposefully integrates social activism and combines it with a strong product. He appeals to the commercial world to create businesses that resonate with people’s souls.

Graeme Wise is the Chairman of The Adidem Group, which comprises The Body Shop, Children’s Centre, D’fine Creative, Sensaura Day Spa, Affirm Press Publishing, Recluse Home Automation, TickBox computer solutions, and the Wise Foundation.   

Graeme is the Founder and Patron of The Big Issue street newspaper, Director of MIMR-PHI Institute of Medical Research Board, and past director of Indigenous Enterprise Partnerships, the Brotherhood of St Laurence, Prahran Mission and Philanthropy Australia. 

Graeme’s business philosophies revolve around the humanising of business, which extends to ensuring that each business has a responsibility to put back into the society in which it operates.  

The social projects The Adidem Group and companies operate revolve around principles of self-help and building of business skills that will provide ongoing generation of economic opportunities for marginalised people and communities.