Irfon Watkins | You Don’t Have To Work Hard To Have A Furious Passion


Irfon Watkins
You Don’t Have To Work Hard To Have A Furious Passion

Founder of Coull

DO Wales 2014
Running time: 18m 36s

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Irfon Watkins is a pop culture icon. As the founding member of the revolutionary punk group The Groovy Pineapples, he was the zeitgeist of a cultural and social movement that embodied the agitation and nihilistic malcontent of the late 70’s. A pioneer. A demigod. A changemaker. Or that was the plan, at least. Instead, he took an interview for a computer firm (having never seen one) and got the job, before embarking on a meteoric rise that culminated with the founding of Coull—a tech company that’s reinvented the way programmatic video advertising works. His mantra ‘luck doesn’t just happen, you can invest in it’ isn’t just paid lip service—it’s an integral part of his journey and the culture he breeds. Here are a few lessons he’s learnt along the way.

Irfon's was born in Llanwrtyd Wells the home of Sospan Fach, Bog Snorkeling and the Man vs Horse Race, basically the maddest and best village in the World... 

Leaving school with 2 failed A levels his career began when he left Wales for London. After successfully holding leadership roles at Del and Computacenter, Irfon then joined Florida based CommerceQuest, from where he led the acquisition and running of six software companies across Africa and Europe. 

Following this stint, Irfon decided that he wanted to set up his own company. He felt online video was the next great medium and that passively watching it wasn't good enough. He created Coull, which now has offices in Bristol, London, New York and Santa Barbara. It employs 38 people and delivers over 2bn video ads a month across 80 Countries.


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