Katy Jeremko | Impossible Is Possible


Katy Jeremko
Impossible Is Possible

Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at re:3D

DO USA 2015
Running time: 18m 34s

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“What we wanted to actually do was create functional things. Items for the human scale.” 

Katy is co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at re:3D, maker and manufacturer of the world’s first affordable toilet-sized 3D printer — Gigabot.

While working on her undergraduate degree, Katy served as Designer in Residence at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and associate EIR for Syracuse University’s Student Sandbox. In early 2013, re:3D participated in Start-Up Chile generation 6 and executed a successful $250k Kickstarter campaign.

Coupling her interest in building things, Katy is an advocate for Open-Source hardware, software, and the democratization of design. Katy holds a Bachelors of Industrial and Interaction Design, alongside a degree in Information Technology from Syracuse University 2014.


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