Kevin Pearce | From The Obstacle Comes The Path


Kevin Pearce
From The Obstacle Comes The Path

Founder of LoveYourBrain

DO USA 2015
Running time: 22m 39s

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“If we can just slow down for 3 or 4 minutes a day and take a moment to focus on our breath, I feel like this world would change.” 

In one year, snowboarder Kevin Pearce went from standing atop podiums at the X Games to relearning how to brush his own teeth after a traumatic brain injury.

Raised in Vermont, the youngest of four brothers, Pearce, a permanently upbeat but highly competitive figure, was well on his way to fulfilling his ambition to be, he says, “the greatest snowboarder in the world”. The accident not only stripped him of his chance of Olympic glory, it nearly killed him.

At 26 years old he’s lived a life full of breakthroughs, astonishing recoveries and heartache. He remains upbeat and recently established LoveYourBrain, a social profit organization dedicated to providing support for the 1.7 million people in the U.S. who suffer traumatic brain injuries each year, as well as their families. LoveYourBrain is currently launching a national Yoga and Meditation Program, providing affordable, accessible yoga to brain injury survivors and their primary caretakers.


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