Michael Townsend Williams

Welldoing and Productivity Coach

"Suddenly how are you has become the most complicated question to answer."

A DO-er who likes to be.

In the glittering heydays of 1980s advertising, Michael was in the thick of it; working at Saatchi’s and living the prolific adman lifestyle. High pressured deadlines, a pace as fast as lightning and alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol. His journey - as Michael’s wife would call it - is from being off his head to on his head.

From a life of 'doing' in the world of advertising to a life of 'being' as a yoga, breathwork and meditation teacher, Michael now works on the integration of both.

He believes in the art of welldoing: Doing good work for the right reasons, without sacrificing your mental health and wellbeing. And Do Breathe, the company he founded, is on a mission to get the world breathing better.

His book of the same name, DO Breathe, has sold over 30,000 copies.


Breathe Yourself Better
Michael Townsend WilliamsWellbeing


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