Les McKeown | How To Be A Predictable Success


Les McKeown
How To Be A Predictable Success

President and CEO of Predictable Success

DO Wales 2011
Running time: 20m 42s

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Les has intuitively identified the 7 stages that every business will go through. Some stages you don’t want to be in. And some you want to stay in forever and a day. Priceless knowledge.

Les McKeown is the President & CEO of Predictable Success, the leading advisor on accelerated business growth.

He has started over 40 companies in his own right and was the founding partner of an incubation consulting company that advised on the creation and growth of hundreds of more organizations worldwide.

Les is the author of the WSJ and USA Today bestseller, 'Predictable Success: Getting Your Organization On the Growth Track – and Keeping It There', as well as newly published 'DO Lead'.