Michael Townsend Williams | Breathe Yourself Better


Michael Townsend Williams
Breathe Yourself Better

Co-Founder of Do Breathe

DO Live Lecture 2020
Running time: 29m 20s

Filed in: Well-being


A breathwork session with Michael Townsend Williams, author of DO Breathe.

Your breath is the connection between your mind and body.

By changing your breathing, you can calm your mind, relax your body and refresh your energy levels.

Michael will share a number of useful breathing techniques to manage during these difficult times.

How to reset your breathing to recentre yourself.

How to find your optimum breathing rate to balance your nervous system.

How to energise yourself to get over a hump.

How to focus your mind to get stuff done.

How to relax deeply to switch off when you need to.

Learn how you can make your breath your constant companion, everyday.

Just find somewhere comfortable to sit - cross-legged, kneeling or seated in a chair - and do what you can to remove any distractions or background noise.

About The Speaker

Michael Townsend Williams is an international coach, author, speaker and entrepreneur. He believes in the art of welldoing. Doing good work for the right reasons, without sacrificing your mental health and wellbeing. He is co-founder of DO Breathe, the welldoing company, and author of the book ‘DO Breathe: Calm your mind. Find focus. Get stuff done'.