Andy Cummins

Campaigns Director at SAS

Andy started surfing way back in 1992 in the North East. Back then surfing in the North Sea was similar to surfing in an open sewer.

This served as great inspiration and drive to bring about change, but at 15 he never thought he could be an active part of that movement. So the most he did was join Surfers Against Sewage (SAS).

Decades later, travelling, experience and education have helped open his eyes to the scale of abuse our oceans and seas suffer at our hands.

He has been a full-time SAS campaigner since 2003, working on over 50 campaigns.


Surfers Against Sewage Story
Andy CumminsSocial change
Andy talks through the evolution of SAS. From a group of surfers from St Agnes in Cornwall wanting to end raw sewage going out into the sea. In 1990 they evolved into "Some of the Governments most sophisticated environmental critics" (BBS News and Cu...
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