Peter Williams

Chief Edge Officer

“Small moves smartly made can set the big things in motion.”

Peter Williams is recognised as a global thought leader on innovation and the use of online technologies and is one of Australia's most sought-after guest speakers on social media and digital strategy.

He has built high performing teams, led hundreds and currently runs the Australian chapter of the Centre for the Edge, a Silicon Valley Applied Research Centre. The Centre identifies and explores emerging opportunities related to big shifts that aren’t yet on the senior management agenda but ought to be.

Peter has been known to go barefoot in the office, usually donning the t-shirt of the latest start-up or a curious quote creating mischief. He also supports his daughter in her gay rights campaigning, lodging a complaint with the Equal Opportunities Commission when she was not permitted to bring her same-sex partner to a school dance.

Peter is an Adjunct Professor at RMIT and a board member of Circus Oz.


The DNA Of A DO-er
Peter WilliamsSocial change
What makes a good DO-er? Mix together equal measures of courage, gumption, truth, and authenticity, throw in a handful of passion and purpose, blend with commitment, add a pinch of belief, and a dash of serendipity. Just start. Go DO!
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