Bill Anthes

US Army Special Forces Veteran and Founder of Between The Ears

“We’re not our past experiences, we’re not our current problems. We’re not bank accounts and job titles and likes on Instagram. We’re way more valuable than that. You are a beautiful, unique, resilient, strong, authentic, courageous, miracle that has within you everything you possibly need to be the best version of yourself and positively influence others around you.”

Bill Anthes is a Green Beret and founder of “Between the Ears”, providing professional coaching and training programs that involve you unlike any other program available.

BTE strengthens your mind, improves your awareness, and empowers you to take purposeful action in your life. BTE builds inner strength through physical, mental, and emotional fitness for those looking to achieve inner peace.


How To Handle Success With Humility And Failure With Grace
Bill AnthesSocial change
Bill Anthes is a Green Beret. He is here to tell us that you are not your past experiences, you not your current problems. You're not your bank account and job title and likes on Instagram. You're way more valuable than that. You are a beautiful, uni...
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