Claire Elsdon

Founder at Pikilily

“There was something in me, some instinct perhaps, that just said you have to do it and the rest of it will be fixed.”

After 7 years as a City stockbroker in London, working for the world's most prestigious banks in the city, Claire quit her job to embark on a journey with her motorcycle – riding solo from London down the length of Africa to Capetown. A remarkable achievement.

It was during this adventure that she saw the difference in education and living conditions from country to country. She was most astounded by those in Africa. So she founded Pikilily. Africa's first female-led motorcycle workshop and a social enterprise with a mission to make motorcycling safer, while ensuring no woman is left behind.


How To Save Lives With Motorcycle Education
Claire ElsdonSocial change
Claire Elsdon quit her job, working for the world's most prestigious banks in the city, to embark on a journey with her motorcycle. The adventure started in Europe and south to Italy, heading on to Switzerland, and Croatia. She eventually made it to...
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