Holley Murchison

Founder of Oratory Glory

“Now more than ever, the world needs your love.”

Holley Murchison is an entrepreneur from NYC using her passions for education, communication, and culture to push the envelope. Valuing people over product and collaboration over competition, her work is driven by love and compassion.

As a communication strategist, she leads Oratory Glory. The boutique agency works with select companies, educational institutions, and underrepresented doers paving the way for a more inclusive future. Through learning experiences, coaching and strategy, they help teams communicate better with authenticity, compassion, and finesse. Their collective also develops tools and products to maintain communication efficiency and effectiveness.

When Holley's not out in the world pouring love into her work, she's likely adventuring, combing through Soundcloud for musical gems or savouring a good meal.


Own Your Voice, Leave Your Mark
Holley MurchisonSocial change
Holley grew up in NYC to loving parents, but both her mum and her dad were addicted to drugs. She lived a life equal parts in darkness and in light and it was in that contrast that she could see the power of love. And now, more than ever, the world n...

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