Jeremy Forbes

Co-founder of HALT

“It’s okay to have big dream - really big dreams. As long as you can be pragmatic about obtaining them.”

Jeremy is a rough diamond who can speak fluent ‘Tradie’ while waxing lyrical about the French Cavalry at Waterloo. He can dissect the tactics of the latest Collingwood win or loss while advocating for mental health awareness with the CEO of Lifeline.

Jeremy has also been known to apply flawless makeup for a Theatre production to cover the bruises from a footy match.

A number of local tradesmen taking their lives, coupled with 20 years experiencing the highs and lows of the building industry, prompted Jeremy to co-found Hope Assistance Local Tradies, HALT.


Pragmatic Dreams
Jeremy ForbesSocial change
Jeremy is a tradie who saw something dark and sad happening amongst tradespeople. A big problem. The sort that people generally shy away from addressing. And he wanted to call a halt to it. So he opened the floodgates and galvanised a community into...
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