Jodi Sagorin

The Vice President of “Yes!” and soon to be Doctor

"I went in search of a dream worth dreaming".

Seth Godin says Jodi is the vice president of “yes”. That says it all.

Jodi Sagorin is a future physician and initiator of mini nonprofit projects. She has led campaigns to raise full ride nursing school scholarships for young Haitian students.

When Jodi is not working or studying, she loves jumping out of planes as a certified skydiver, surfing, teaching yoga, and playing with her scrappy one-eyed rescue puppy. Above all, Jodi is passionately curious. She is supremely interested in the fight for health as a human right and bringing delight to every new project.


What Happens When You Keep Both Eyes Open
Jodi SagorinSocial change
In a bid to contribute to meaningful change in the world, Jodi travelled to North India, where she experienced the impact of global health first hand. This talk is a homage to the people and patients she has met along the way.
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