Joshua Coombes

Selfless Young Hairdresser from London

“When you slow things down you actually learn so much.”

Josh Coombes is a selfless young hairdresser from London who, in 2015, took to the streets of London on his days off and gave haircuts to people who were experiencing homelessness. He started posting images of the people he met on social media and a global movement was born.

Josh is the founder of Do Something For Nothing, a grassroots movement that focuses on how we can all use our skills and time to help those around us.


The Power Of Human Connection
Joshua CoombesSocial change
This is the story of a selfless young hairdresser from London, who takes to the streets on his days off and gives haircuts to the homeless. Human helping human. No big plan. Except this may become a global movement. (Hint: It has!)
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