Justin McMurray

Co-founder of Somewhere.com

“Doing needs reflecting, too. Doing. And reflecting.”

Justin McMurray is the co-founder of Somewhere, a 21st-century platform for sharing your work and finding like-minded others. He’s a maker, doer and entrepreneur - from building voluntary platforms to street art projects and creating companies.

Justin loves coffee, underdogs and doing interesting things with design and technology to solve problems that matter. He's managed to combine all of these as the co-founder of Somewhere.com.


What If We Point The Camera Back At The Internet?
Justin McMurraySocial change
Remember that famous picture taken by the NASA voyager, turning the camera back at earth? That picture, taken 6 billion KM’s away, put us into context. The earth was one tiny pixel amongst millions of others. Fast forward and in the shiny Instagram...
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