Louis-Jacques Darveau

Publisher and Editor of The Alpine Review

Fleeing life as a lawyer and then corporate fixer, Louis-Jacques was profoundly inspired by Nassim Taleb’s concept of antifragility, in which things only gain strength as they absorb shock and stress.

With no experience in publishing, he and co-editor Patrick Tanguay improvised their way towards a magazine, The Alpine Review, turning a frenzy of interconnected ideas and questions into something that is equal parts beautiful, intelligent and vital.

Louis-Jacques is now a strategy executive who brings vision and leadership to organisations at a strategic turning point. A strategic Swiss Army Knife, he can quickly mobilize to provide a new angle of vision, help uncover new opportunities or fix a complicated problem.


The Things That Matter
Louis-Jacques DarveauCreativity
Louis-Jacques takes you along a path less travelled. Along the way, you’ll encounter transitions, global weirding, fragility, consumerism, and the changing milieu. You’ll be left questioning how you will measure your life, and what your legacy will b...
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