Massoud Hassani

Inventor, Designer and Artist

“Limitless imagination, without borders, is the land I am living in.”

Massoud Hassani is an Afghan-born product designer interested in applying design thinking to solving complex social issues.

Born and raised in Kabul, Afghanistan, Massoud witnessed the devastating impact of raging wars on the country's economy and the lives of innocent civilians.

In 2011, Massoud graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Taking inspiration from his childhood and with the aim to help Afghanistan’s struggling communities, the Mine Kafon project was born.

The Wind-Powered De-miner is designed to roll across the ground, detonating land mines in the process. In Qasaba, Afghanistan, Hassani’s hometown, leftover mines, remnants of conflicts, often injure or kill civilians. When the deminer blows across a minefield, exploding any ordnance present, it reclaims the space as safe and usable.

The project has won several prizes and was nominated for the Design of the Year 2012 by the Design Museum in London.


Developing An Idea Into A Project
Massoud HassaniTechnology
85% of people killed or maimed by landmines in Afghanistan are children. Massoud has created a genius device, powered by the wind and inspired by a childhood toy, that seeks out and detonates landmines. It's called Mine Kafon and costs just 40 Euros...
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