Matt Webb

MD of Design Studio 'BERG'

Matt lives in London, in a flat with a wonky floor. And he believes that wonky thinking is needed by companies. He works with these companies to help invest their future businesses.

Previously Founder and CEO of the award-winning design studio BERG, then MD of two London start-up accelerators. He invents products and designs new media.

This includes the Popular Science+ app for the Apple iPad, solid metal phone prototypes for Nokia, a bendy map of Manhattan called Here & There, and an electronic puppet that brings you closer to your friends.

He is also co-author of 'Mind Hacks - cognitive psychology for a general audience'.


How Fractional AI Can Be Used To Make Nicer Things
Matt WebbCreativity
Matt lives in London, in a flat with a wonky floor. He explains why wonky thinking is needed by companies and he explains how to get it in a wonky kind of way.
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