Michael Sheen

Actor, director and activist

"When people talk about the arts being this nice, luxurious add-on that we have, it’s not... it’s about who we are.”

Welsh. Serious Actor. Flying Monkey. Wild Thing.

We all know him as a great British actor in everything from ‘Damned United’ to ‘The Queen’. But he’s also a passionate activist for democracy and a fairer world and is getting more involved with community issues back in his hometown, Newport in Wales.

He believes we have to start somewhere - and to start by doing and listening. If we are unhappy with the options before us, the most urgent need must be creating alternatives.


Creativity Is At The Core And Heart Of Who We Are
Michael SheenCreativity
We all know Michael Shen as a great British actor in everything from ‘Damned United’ to ‘The Queen’, but he’s also a passionate activist for a fairer world and of democracy. In this interview with Miranda West, founder of DO Book Co, and Carlo Navat...

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Creative Spark

11 talks
From the smallest idea to the biggest. Creativity is at the heart of it all. These talks are all about harnessing creativity and making it work for you.
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