Mickey Smith

Musician, Photographer, Film-maker and Surfer

“If I can only scrape a living, at least it will be a living worth scraping”

Mickey Smith is a lad that has lived a life a little less ordinary.

He grew up amongst a family of fisherman and mariners, so the ocean and the elements were inevitably where he was drawn.

At the age of 9, he was given a disposable camera and an acoustic guitar and cameras and music, combined with the magic of waves, eventually led him to become a cinematographer.

Mickey is now writing and touring music under the name A Blaze of Feather - a project on which he is collaborating with the likes of Ben Howard and Nat Watson.


Do Trust In The Things You Love
Mickey SmithCreativity
Mickey Smith is a lad that has lived a life a little less ordinary. From Iceland to Tahiti, Ireland to Japan, Mickey’s love for waves of consequence and isolated environments have left him with many a fine tale to tell and worldwide acclaim for his g...

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