Mohammad Al-Ubaydli

Founder and CEO of Patients Know Best

Physician, programmer, patient.

Mohammad is the founder and CEO of Patients Know Best and has over 15 years of experience in medical software.

He trained as a physician at the University of Cambridge; worked as a staff scientist at the National Institutes of Health; and was a management consultant to US hospitals at The Advisory Board Company.

He is the author of seven books, including Personal health records: A guide for clinicians and Streamlining Hospital-Patient Communication: Developing High Impact Patient Portals.

He is also an honorary senior research associate at UCL medical school for his research on patient-controlled medical records.


Giving Patients Control Of Their Health Records
Mohammad Al-UbaydliTechnology
The reason a patient knows best is because they are the only one who goes to all the consultations. So Mohammad has come up with a simple program that will allow a patient to access their own health records. Placing control in their hands.
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