Nick Hand

Graphic Designer and Photographer

Nick Hand is the founder of The Department of Small Works, a home for design, photography and print.

Self-initiated projects sit alongside collaborations and commissions that combine Nick’s skills in design, photography and print; as well as his ability to bring together a mix of creative talent to deliver projects.

When he isn't in the office or print shop, Nick is on his bicycle recording the lives of craftspeople, creating an ever-growing collection of conversations with people who have a passion for making, which is exactly what he did when he set out one June day and travelled around the coast of the British Isles in search of the artisans and characters who live and work on our coastline.


Why We Need To Celebrate Craftsman
Nick HandCreativity
In an age of fast, there’s slow. In an age of quantity, there’s quality. On a bike ride around Britain Nick discovered his appreciation of the craftsman and women of Britain. And how we need to keep these skills alive. Nick’s talk will explore the in...
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