R0b Ryan

Illustrator and Print-Maker

“There is no such thing is the right time. There is only time.”

Rob studied Fine Art at Trent Polytechnic and at the Royal College of Art in London where he specialised in Printmaking. His detailed paper cuts and screen prints have become world-famous and he has exhibited widely across the UK and internationally.

Rob’s whimsical figures and heartfelt words have been published in several books - ‘This Is For You’, ‘A Sky Full Of Kindness’ and a trilogy of children’s books to name a few.

His Monograph entitled ‘I Thought About It In My Head And I Felt It In My Heart But I Made It With My Hands’, the first book of his collected artwork, was published in 2018 with Rizzoli.


You Can Still Do A Lot With A Small Brain
Rob RyanCreativity
Rob Ryan had a military upbringing. He changed schools every year, and drawing became the only constant in his life. The paper cutting style for which he has become so well known, evolved as a way for him to express the longing and all the feelings...
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