Sean Scott

Chief Shoe Maker of TOMS

"It's the dreams that count. Make them real."

Sean's extensive footwear career at industry giants Nike, ASICS, Vans, and most recently TOMS has enabled him to identify future opportunities to improve on many areas of the business including local manufacturing, trend spotting, community building, and the ever changing retail landscape.

Sean’s latest adventure is CEO and Founder, along with his wife, Shannon, of COMUNITYmade, a premium shoe manufacturer that gives back 20% of each sale to local charities and organisations.

His job is to inspire those around him to be fulfilled and passionate in their work. When not instigating change for the better, Sean is a known provocateur of lively and irrelevant conversations. An ardent connoisseur of music, movies, and meaningless information, Sean spends his free time promoting his latest finds while cycling the Southern California coast in his matching lycra kit.


Sean ScottSocial change
Sean is one of the original members of TOM Shoes. After a luminary career at several global footwear brands, Sean chose the fearless path of joining TOMS when it was simply an idea. He had always having believed that giving should begin in our own b...
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