Shan Williams

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Shan is a farmer’s daughter, born and bred in Cardigan, West Wales.

When she was 21, she opened her own hairdressing business and went on to convert her first property into a shop and 4 flats at the age of 23. Her property portfolio continued to grow to over 10 letting units, a shop and 3 smallholdings, whilst also running a small caravan and camping site.

Shan is a founding member of 4CG, a local organisation that was set up to advance the community development of the town of Cardigan and its surrounding areas by taking small steps to improve the local economy, through local trade.


What To Do If Your Town Is Dying
Shan WilliamsSocial change
Shan talks about 4CG, a local campaign she established to protect the town of Cardigan in west Wales from becoming swamped by national developers and chain stores.
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