Stephanie Lynn

Writer, Photographer and Online Editor

“How much of our lives do we waste ripping ourselves apart over something that no one else in the world would ever blame us for?”

Stephanie considers herself to be a daydreamer, someone who captures those special little fleeting moments, and one of life’s most avid learners. And if she has learnt anything so far, it’s to take the negatives and use them to develop.

At sixteen, she was diagnosed with an illness that would consume almost a decade of her life in a fight that seemed almost unwinnable. Through immobility, painkillers and a lot of hard work, it would also become her greatest mentor.

Eight years on, she’s evolved into a passionate writer, photographer and online editor for The DO Blog.


How To Fight M.E. And The Prejudice That Comes With It? And Win
Stephanie LynnCreativity
What happens when you get ill? And what happens when no one knows why? At 15 years old Stephanie Lynn developed M.E. This is the moving story, warts and all, of how she fought the disease and the prejudice that comes with it. A journey from wheelcha...
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