Tom Taylor

Post-Digital Designer

"Don't just put the world into the web, put the web into the world."

Tom Taylor makes things that try to delight and disrupt, usually involving software and hardware glued to the internet somehow and likes to think of the internet as the virtual shed at the bottom of his non-existent garden.

He is the co-founder and CTO of Breakroom, a people-powered job comparison site. Before that, he was Head of Labs at Bulb Energy, Chief Product Engineer at The Co-op, co-founder and CTO of Newspaper Club and a partner in the Really Interesting Group, a multi-disciplinary organisation that does 'post-digital design', which is sort of about taking the web into the real world, and mostly seems to involve lots of printing.

In his spare time, Taylor has created products and apps such as CityCylist, an iOS app for bike navigation, and Satellite Eyes, a popular open-source MacOS app that displays satellite imagery from where you are on your desktop wallpaper.


Move over Rupert Murdoch
Tom TaylorTechnology
Here Tom discusses the blend of digital and analog and how we should always be striving to astonish and delight.
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