Tony Davidson

Creative Director of Wieden + Kennedy

"We can do a lot with the stuff we already have."

One of the most iconic Creative Directors of the last decade, Tony spent over 20 years at Wieden and Kennedy, London.

Following his appointment the office grew from strength to strength, having been globally recognised and highly lauded for the effectiveness of its creative output. Whilst it is nice to be recognised with awards, Tony is always happiest when his work enters popular culture. Levi's 'Flat Eric', Nike's 'Run London' and 'Nothing Beats a Londoner', Cravendale’s ‘Cats with Thumbs’, Three’s 'Moonwalking Pony', Honda's 'Power of Dreams’ campaign including ‘Cog' and 'Grrr', Lurpak's long-standing 'Good Food Deserves' campaign, and the recent rebranding of Formula 1, are all examples that are testament to this fact.

Tony was President of D&AD in 2007 and was made Global Partner of Wieden + Kennedy 2009.

He has now stepped out on his own to question the future of creativity and do some good in the process.


My Dad Taught Me All This
Tony DavidsonCreativity
Tony puts much of his creativity down to his late father who was an inventor from the 'Heath Robinson' mould. He talks about how his father has influenced his life and the work he does.
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