Toshi Nakamura

Co-Founder and CEO of Kopernik

Toshi co-founded Kopernik, a technology marketplace for the developing world, after working for the United Nations in Switzerland, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Sierra Leone and New York to bring more innovative and impactful support to the marginalised population.

Kopernik brings technology to the last mile communities, by connecting innovative life-changing technologies, local partners and funders. Since its launch in early 2010, 62,000 people have benefitted from the life-changing technologies in 11 countries.

Toshi has extensive experience in international development gained during his career with the United Nations living in East Timor, Indonesia, Sierra Leone dealing with governance reform, peacebuilding processes and post-disaster reconstruction.


How Do You Empower Consumers In The Developing World?
Toshi NakamuraTechnology
Toshi tells us about Kopernik, a social enterprise which allows communities within the developing world access to life-changing technologies. And how the same communities have shaped the development of the products.
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