Zach Klein

Co-founder of DIY.org and Vimeo.

“Make work feel like play. Play is a superpower that we don’t talk about enough.”

Zach Klein is an entrepreneur and investor. He co-founded DIY.org, a club for kids to learn skills together, and is also known for co-founding and designing Vimeo. He is currently CEO of Dwell.

He’s a venture partner at Founder Collective, the seed-stage venture capital firm based in New York City, and formerly a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts’ MFA program in Interaction Design.

He’s passionate about the future of communities, homesteading, self-reliance, and creative literacy for all.


Build The Company That You Wouldn't Sell
Zach KleinCreativity
At the age of 23, Zach sold his company Vimeo. But as soon as he sold his company, he wanted nothing more than to have those wings again. He missed it. He realised he wanted to keep flying. Zach humbly offers advice on what he's doing now (DIY.org)...
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