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Claire Herminjard
The Proud Omnivore

Proud Omnivore

DO USA 2013
Running time: 15m 49s

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The fascinating journey of a maverick woman who believes we should trust the source.

Prior to founding Mindful Meats, Claire worked in the internet services industry first at and then at the startup Lookery, running customer development and sales.

Claire’s shift to the food business began as she followed her passion but soon took on greater purpose after learning that US livestock then consumed over 70% of corn and soy crops produced in our country, most of which are genetically modified.

Being a proud omnivore and against the use of genetically modified organisms, she founded Mindful Meats in order to be a part of finding a trustworthy and healthy source of protein for our families.

Claire holds a BA in Public Policy Studies from Duke University where she had a focus on moral leadership. Currently, she is a volunteer with GMO-Free Marin, Slow Money Northern California, and is a mentor to youth through the Ashoka Youth Ventures Just Food program of 2011.

When not engaged in a project, find her catching up with friends and family, practising yoga, dancing and running barefoot.


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