Heather LeFevre | Applying Strategies To Life


Heather LeFevre
Applying Strategies To Life

Strategist, Author and Founder of the Strategist Survey

DO Wales 2016
Running time: 18m 47s

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"I learned because they let me into their lives."

Heather LeFevre is a modern marketer who earned her stripes working as a brand and communications strategist at some of the world's most award-winning and agencies for brands like Emirates, Burger King, and Philips.

But she's also known for doing things less than conventionally. After 14 years of working and feeling frustrated that she did not yet feel like an expert, she asked successful strategists around the world if she could come and work with them, learn from them, and oh, by the way, could I stay in your home while I do it? Nine brave people agreed to the scheme and her recent book, Brain Surfing the Top Marketing Strategy Minds in the World, gives us all a chance to learn from these masters.


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