Jan Stewart | The Juxtaposition Of Our Inner And Outer Work


Jan Stewart
The Juxtaposition Of Our Inner And Outer Work

Member Experience Lead of Hub Australia and Founder of School of Space

DO Australia 2014
Running time: 19s 03s

Filed in: Social Change


Jan Stewart’s quest for inner peace led her to serve society in unexpected ways. She has demystified enlightenment for herself, learnt the power of quiet in expanding awareness, and discovered chaordic leadership – the sweet spot between chaos and order where innovation and creativity thrives.

Jan Stewart is passionate about quiet and expanding awareness, and sharing that consciousness in collaborative workspaces. Her fundamental passion is contributing to the evolution of consciousness and culture through service. Her expertise and passion are focused on serving customers. Jan’s work is underpinned by supporting individuals and teams to recognise, and bring to life, their authentic selves, their skills and abilities, and to relate their strengths to serving their customers, clients and members.

Jan played an important role in bringing co-working spaces, Hub Melbourne, Hub Sydney and HubAdelaide to life and to be thriving workspaces for many. She is a champion for B Corporation Australia and was instrumental in Hub Australia being the fourth B Corp in Australia.

We are excited to have Jan at Do Lectures Australia to share her message about the power of quiet and expanding awareness.


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