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John Fetzer
Humanity In A Bottle

Wisdom in a bottle

DO USA 2011
Running time: 25m 12s

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The amazing life and times of world-class winemaker and humanitarian John Fetzer.

Look up soulful in the dictionary and you just might find John Fetzer. A local Hopland, CA resident, John’s illustrious career in the wine industry spans nearly a half-century, from his early childhood working in the vineyards at the 1000-acre Fetzer home ranch in Redwood Valley, California, to his ascendancy to the position of CEO of Fetzer Vineyards in 1981 at the age of 35.

A leader in organic farming and responsible winemaking, John and his wife Patty have created a boutique winery and vineyards called Saracina that can best be described as “wisdom in a bottle”.


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