Giles Duley

Photographer, Writer and Storyteller

"Each one of us has the ability to create change. Each of us can create a ripple that can help others and change the world."

Giles is a documentary photographer and writer, born in 1971 in London. His work focuses on the long-term humanitarian impact of conflict.

His work has taken him to Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, DR Congo, Angola, Bangladesh, Kenya, Ukraine, Jordan, Lebanon, Colombia, Vietnam and Nigeria among others.

After losing both legs and his left arm in Afghanistan in 2011, he told his doctors “I’m still a photographer”, and returned to work in Afghanistan less than 18 months later. He believes that it is our darkest times that bear the greatest rewards. That whilst we often avoid change, it is change that enables us to grow.

Duley is also CEO and Founder of the NGO Legacy of War Foundation and is a campaigner for the rights of both refugees and those living with disabilities caused by conflict.


Change, Growth, and Resilience
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