Hunter Lee Soik


“Fire is a tool that can cook your food or can burn you. You don't know unless you try.”

Hunter Lee Soik had a dream.

That he would build the Wikipedia of dreams. And so SHADOW was born... the world’s first alarm clock that helps people remember and record their dreams. It transcribes your dreams, pulls out the keywords, strips away any data that could identify you, and pushes it to a giant global data cloud—where other SHADOW users can see global dream patterns and find dreamers like them around the world.

Hunter doesn’t really believe in limits. Since he was a kid, he's always seen obstacles as opportunities: to make ourselves vulnerable, to learn about each other, to stretch way beyond our boundaries.


What If We Could Build A Database Of Dreams?
Hunter Lee SoikTechnology
Do the Japanese, who sleep the least, also dream the least? What does your dream mean? What is the global dream trend for 2014? If you walk 10,000 steps, will you have more positive dreams? If we eat chicken after 9 pm, will we have a certain type of...
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