Mark Boulton

Web Designer

“Making things is messy”

Mark is a designer, author, speaker and teacher from Wales.

As Founder of Mark Boulton Design, he pushes pixels for the likes of Al Jazeera, CERN and ESPN. And alongside that, he and his team publish books under the guise of Five Simple Steps – a small, scratchy independent publisher for web people.

Mark regularly speaks at web design and development conferences such as SXSW, An Event Apart and Web Directions South.

Despite living in Wales, Mark doesn’t own a smallholding, keep bees, or walk to work. But, he’s working on it.


Embrace Change
Mark BoultonCreativity
Mark explains how he came to run a small design studio and book publishing company. He provides us with a set of practical design principles (from his handbook 5 simple steps) that he constantly comes back to, changes and refines when he's working on...
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