Professor Stephen Evans

Director of the national EPSRC Centre for Industrial Sustainability

“Common sense is not common.”

Steve is an action researcher who works with many companies around the world. His research seeks a deep understanding of how industry might change, with a dual emphasis on urgent and practical change now and system-level change that offers hope for a sustainable future.

He is Director of Research for Industrial Sustainability, where his works aims to help bring ambitious environmental and social sustainability goals into practice.

He is a co-founder of multiple start-ups and has been Specialist Advisor to the House of Lords.


4 Things We Need For A Sustainable Future
Professor Stephen EvansEnvironment
Stephen Evans is angry. He's angry at what he terms 'system stupidity' - the notion that most people and businesses are wasteful to a degree they simply don't understand. Did you know that circa. 1% of the world's global economy still subsidises fos...
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