Andrew Whitley | Why Bread Needs Time


Andrew Whitley
Why Bread Needs Time

Organic Baker and Author —

DO Wales 2008
Running time: 43m 43s

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Andrew thinks that changes in the way bread is produced have compromised its integrity. He’s going to tell us why – and what we might do to make it better. He will reveal what goes into a factory loaf (and what doesn't) and how fast-made bread may be enough to turn your stomach.

Andrew left a career as a producer in the BBC Russian Service in 1976 to found 'The Village Bakery Melmerby', which became one of the country’s leading organic bakeries. He stepped down from The Village Bakery in 2002 to concentrate on teaching, writing and campaigning on food and health.

He is chair of the Soil Association’s Processing Standards Committee. His book ‘Bread Matters’ won the André Simon 2006 Food Book Award.