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Sarah Middleton
Yes To Me

Performance and Transformation Coach

DO Wales 2019
Running time: 18m 35s

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“The fear, anxiety and depression that had been running through my life had been a behaviour pattern that I had identified so strongly with, I had forgotten to be that little girl.”

Back in the year 2000, Sarah found life hard, scared of her own shadow, suffering from anxiety attacks, bouts of depression, her self esteem was non-existent. For most of her life, she felt this way, felt unable to go forward and started to engage with suicidal thoughts once again and knew she needed help.

Focusing her attention on how she was feeling on the inside it opened doors that had been so tightly closed. Through this massive change, Sarah had a strong burning desire to help and support others to resolve whatever was troubling them. Training to became a Journey practitioner working with people one to one and on Journey seminars far and wide, Sarah went on to train in several different techniques including Reiki. She continues to work with colleagues and friends on her personal and spiritual development, and regularly attends workshops to grow her understanding of BioEnergetics at The Ratu Bagus Ashram in Bali.


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