Graham Fink

Art Director and Multi-media Artist

"Not knowing where the f**k you are is the most creative place to be."

Graham Fink is one of the world’s most respected and highly awarded creative minds.

Creative Director. Multimedia Artist. Agent to Sophia (Humanoid Robot), he has worked across 3 continents and with thousands of clients. He has built brands from scratch and helped tired brands to soar. He has worked with $100 million budgets and $10,000 ones.

He has even won 4 BAFTAs. People in advertising don’t win BAFTAs.

Nobody understands the power of creativity better than he does.


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10 Books To Ignite Your Creativity
Graham FinkCreativity


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One idea could change everything. Today, everything fights for our attention. If you don’t outshine the competition, you sink. This online course will teach you how to stand out in this busy world. You will learn to use the extraordinary power of creativity to grow your business, and grow...
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