Paula Le Dieu

Digital transformation specialist

Paula Le Dieu is a strategist, service designer and digital transformation consultant based in Sydney, Australia.

She specialises in the unique challenges faced by galleries, libraries, archives, museums (collectively known as 'GLAMs') and public media organisations.

During her time at the British Film Institute (BFI) she was responsible for a ‘full stack’ digital transformation programme that included archive and asset management systems, desktop services, ticketing and CRM systems, as well as the BFI’s audience-facing digital services and experiences.

She has worked with the BBC, Guardian, Fairfax, Ofcom and Creative Commons, as well as online content and activism communities such as iCommons and the international documentary community.

Paula has a history of mentoring artists and small arts organisations, and has sat on the boards of Sheffield Documentary Festival, the Open Knowledge Foundation, and the advisory board of the Open Rights Group.


Why Copyright Needs To Change
Paula Le DieuCreativity
Paula shares how her time with BBC, Guardian, Ofcom, Fairfax, Creative Commons and iCommons has helped her to shape the future of copyright law.
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